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Blackpool Dance Festival 2017 Amateur Standard Final Quickstep

Amateur Rising Stars Quickstep Dress by Stesh Atelier

Morten Löwe & Roselina Doneva Samba Blackpool Dance Festival 2017

SUPERSTARS IN CABARET 2017 A fundraiser event in aid of the work of the competitors commission. Contacts: Facebook: . Fantastic clip from the Amateur Latin Final at the International Championships 20166 featuring Morten Loewe &…

Professional Latin Blackpool 2014

Featuring Latin giants Michael Malitowski & Joanna Leunis, Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko, Sergey Surkov & Melia, Who could forget this incredible Jive from the Professional Latin Semi-Final at the Open British Championships in Blackpool.…

Professional Latin Highlights - Blackpool Dance Festival

Enjoy highlights from the DSI TV live coverage of the Professional Latin Chamoionships at the Blackpool Dance Festival. Watch the replay of the Professional Latin DSI TV coverage here http://www.dsi-london.tv/live-stream/open-british-championships-2016/2-june-2016-open-british-championships.html

Professional Latin Final - Blackpool Dance Festival (China) By Dancebaby

Professional Latin Final - Blackpool Dance Festival (China) By Dancebaby

USDC 2016 - Pro/Am American Rhythm Winners

Here are the highlights & winners of the American Rhythm Pro/Am categories - congratulations to everyone! Video courtesy of SuperShag ► supershag.com For more information on the United States Dance Championships, please visit ► USDSC…

Blackpool June 2nd Pro Ballroom Highlights

Wow what a night, new champions in the Professional Ballroom!

Professional Ballroom Tango - UK Open 2017

Feel the fire and ice in this Tango from the Professional Ballroom Semi Final at the UK Open Championships 2017. Watch the UK Open live on DSI TV http://www.dsi-london.tv/default/live-stream/uk-open-championships-2017.html

UK Open 2017 - Amazing Professional Latin!

Watch the Professional Latin Championships from the 5th Round through to the final and more on DSI TV here http://www.dsi-london.tv/default/competitions/2017/uk-open-championships-2017.html Check out our birdseye coverage for the early rounds!

2017 NYDF Pro Rising Star Smooth

Have you ever heard a more fitting name for a dancestyle? These Pro Rising Star competitors are just that, so very #Smooth! #DancingDestination #NyDanceTradition www.NyDanceFestival.com

2017 NYDF Pro Ballroom Waltz Final

2017 NYDF Pro Ballroom Waltz! Simply breathtaking! Floating on a cloud of disbelief that this week has finally come to an end! Thank you all for being a part of this years #NYDF your #DancingDestination! www.NyDanceFestival.com

2017 NYDF Pro Rising Star Latin

Feast your eyes! The NYDF dance floor is spicy and competitive! A Dancing Destination for everyone! Congratulations to all the competitors last night, more videos coming your way! #DancingDestination #NyDanceTradition www.NyDanceFestival.…

Open Professional Latin final - 2017 WDC Asian Tour Dance Taipei

Open Professional Latin final - 2017 WDC Asian Tour Dance Taipei Credit by MOE Sports

Professional Latin | Semi Final | Blackpool Dance Festival 2017

Blackpool Dance Festival - Riccardo Cocchi and Yulia Zagoruychenko, Kirill Belorukov and Polina Teleshova, Stefano DiFilippo and Dasha Chesnokova, Troels Bager and Ina Jeliazkova, Justinas Duknauskas and Anna Kovalova and Nino Langella and…

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